RollScore is new IoT quality control system for incoming rolls

Are you a converter or printer? Score your rolls for improved runnability and reduced web break rates.

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Improve runnability and reduce web break rates

RollScore gives each measured roll a individual score that is linked to the runnability of the roll. Use this information to improve your overall processes machine by machine.

RollScore 91 this month. Awesome job, you are improving!
That’s +25 % improvement compared to last month.
Whole year score is now 62.

Real time information of rolls going to the converting machine helps you to:

  1. 1. Identify problematic rolls
  2. 2. Achieve better runnability and productivity
  3. 3. Reduce web brake rates
  4. 4. Makes easy to rank roll suppliers and
  5. 5. Next level savings and converting

How is RollScore determined?

RollScore is based on roll hardness profile measured by ACA RoQ roll quality analyzer. The profile analysis by Integrated software is weighted based on operators’ digital diary on web breaks and runnability problems. As a result the RollScore is linked directly to the runnability issues of individual machines, it is not a generic number.


High resolution hardness profile measured with a modern handheld device.
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Operator’s log

For each measured rolls operator gives comments on actual runnability.

Integrated software

Cloud-based software combines information and forms a RollScore number from 1-100 which describes the quality of a roll.

Overall and individual RollScore

RollScore is linked directly to the runnability issues of individual machines. This information gives you total roll perspective. You also get overall score from all of your machines. With this information you can improve your converting efficiency and make more profits.

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We have calculated to save 100k€ annually by eliminating defected rolls before they cause runnability issues in the printing machine. For example we can see baggy rolls in advance.”
Circle Printers

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